About Us

The ‘Aha!’ Moment . . . 

A dimly lit dusty garage and a parked luxury car covered with a bed sheet sparked the ‘Aha!’ moment. From that moment it was the mission of Confezioni Andrea to create covers that not only protected vehicles from the elements, but also enhanced the charm and grace of the vehicle while parked.

Headquartered in Varese, Italy, Confezioni Andrea has produced transport and aesthetic covers for the world’s major auto, motorcycle and aircraft manufacturers for over forty-five years. Each cover is hand measured and tailor-made with premium craftsmanship and exceptional style.

Confezioni Andrea now brings their custom cover design expertise to North America in a factory in Roseville, Michigan. The team focuses on designing prototypes for transport covers and producing the Class Indoor Covers and Future Outdoor Covers for all vehicles.

Quality, style and traditional craftsmanship

are an integral part of everything we do.